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Synternet transforms the public internet into a secure and user-centric internet, where encryption and optimized performance are built-in and automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it.


Our technology is compatible with the current internet yet allows for the complete utilization of resources. It removes bottlenecks and limitations, ensures security and optimization by default, and unlocks greater scalability potential for future technologies and applications.


Traffic on Synternet is routed using our Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP). This blockchain-based system facilitates traffic using the NOIA token, rewarding node operators for network contributions. Our token can be considered 'gas' for the internet. Service and applications running on Synternet spend NOIA to pay for network usage.


Anything built on the current internet can be built on Synternet, with seamless compatibility. This enables a diverse ecosystem of applications with integration into all key technology systems.

Our native digital asset allows this ecosystem to create its own decentralized economy, one supported by tens of thousands of community members running node infrastructure, with developers incentivized to deliver applications and software on top of our network.

Synternet STACK

Our tech stack allows anyone to build and deploy applications on Synternet, with all connections optimized-for-performance and encrypted-by-default. It is compatible across millions of devices and services, including cloud, on-premise, and edge infrastructure. Synternet gives every developer the power and control to build on our unifying layer.


What began as NOIA Network, an ambitious effort from a small group of eager individuals, eventually evolved into something much larger: Synternet. Our efforts no longer represent a single project or application. This is a global movement to change the internet for the better.

Synternet is developed and managed by world-class network architects and software engineers, guided by a professional executive team, and supported by more than a dozen close partners, advisors, and activist investors.